Mobile DVR - small, robust, flexible

Stack DVR 3

  • Video-Logging with synchronized recording of vehicle data
  • CAN bus interface for direct connection to Dash Displays and Logging Systems
  • Up to 50 MBits/Sec for broadcast production use
  • Rugged, small and lightweight with no moving parts
  • Fully sealed to IP67 units available

Shock resistant, high capacity video/data recording

The Stack DVR3 can be used as a conventional DVR to record video and audio. It can also record data as
well as video, in one compact unit, for the ultimate in Synchronized Video-Logging.

The Stack DVR3 can be connected directly to any Display or Data logging system by CAN Bus. Up to 128 channels of data, including GPS and the internal 3-axis G-sensor channels, can be recorded together with high quality MPEG-2 video and audio direct to a Compact Flash (CF) card.

The video and data recordings can be analysed together in the supplied Stack DataPro analysis software. Video recordings can also be played back by any PC media player or archived and viewed on a DVD player.

The Stack DVR3 combines ruggedness, reliability and recording quality with a slim, lightweight design that’s perfect for all harsh environment applications.

Key Features

  • Video-Logging with synchronized recording of data
  • CAN bus interface for use in vehicles
  • Data recording of up to 128 data channels
  • Solid-state, no moving parts
  • User confi gurable bit-rate up to 20 Mbps
  • Up to 4 camera inputs (composite PAL or NTSC)
  • 128 GB maximum card size (compact flash)
  • Over 36 hours of high quality, full resolution recording
  • 9 to 20V DC powered, ideal for mobile applications
  • 3 axis G-sensor data overlay
  • Real-Time date & time overlay
  • GPS data overlay option
  • Up to 2 secs.Brownout Protection option
  • Fully sealed to IP67
  • Extended Temperature Range of -20 bis 80°C
Technical Data:
Video Inputs 4x FBAS 1Vss
Monitor Output FBAS 1Vss
Video Compression MPEG2
Video Resolution
720x576, 720x400, 480x576, 352x576,
Audio Channels 2
Audio Input Mic or Line In
+3 to -30dB
Brownout protection Recording of up to 2sec after 1sec max power loss
via USB
Data recording 128 Data channels
Data interfaces CAN Bus
GPS receiver
Operation temperature range -20°C to 80°C
Housing Aluminium IP67
Vibration / shock resistance 20g 50-2000Hz
50g, 15ms
Power supply 9 - 20V DC
Video/Data Storage:  
Card Compact Flash Card
Max Size 125GB
Max File Size 2GB
File Format MPEG2,
Windows Media Player & DVD kompatibel
Recording Time 7-140min / Gbyte

Stack DVR 3